Decisions of the Inspectorate (fines, orders, etc.)

In this section of the website the State Data Protection Inspectorate publishes more significant decisions regarding violations of personal data processing by data controllers and data processors after the Inspectorate has examined complaints of the data subjects, personal data breaches or other issues.



Fine Imposed on a Sports Club for Infringements of the GDPR in Processing of Fingerprints of the Customers and Employees (private sector, 20 thous. Eur)

The Fine for the Centre of Registers Was Issued Regarding the Infringements of the GDPR (public sector, 15 thous. Eur) 02-03-2021

The Fine Issued for Infringements of the GDPR in Mobile Application “Karantinas” (public sector, 12 thous. Eur; private sector, 3 thous. Eur) 26-02-2021


The Fine for the Breaches of the GDPR Was Imposed for Municipality Regarding Improperly Processed Personal Data of the Parents of an Adopted Child (public sector, 15 thous. Eur) 28-09-2020

The Inspectorate carried out an investigation into sound recording in public transport buses. The private company UAB “Vilniaus viešasis transportas” was fined Eur 8,000 for violating Arts. 5, 13, 24 and 35 of the GDPR. 30-04-2020


The Fine for the Breaches of the GDPR Was Imposed on the Company Providing the Payment Initiation Services (private sector, 61.5 thous. Eur) 17-05-2019


Last updated: 08-07-2021