Project SolPriPa: Solving Privacy Paradox – Promoting High Standards of Data Protection as a Fundamental Right and Central Factor of Consumer Trust in Digital Economy

SolPriPa project is partly funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014–2020). Partners of the SolPriPa:

  • The Coordinator of the Project – Lithuanian personal data supervisory authority State Data Protection Inspectorate;
  • The Beneficiary of the Project – Lithuanian university Mykolas Romeris University.

The project started on the 17th of September 2018. Its duration – 2 years.


  • Organization of training session for national trainers;
  • Preparation of teaching aids and training guides;
  • Implementation of awareness raising seminars and other tools for the members of different target groups;
  • Dissemination of Project’s results.

Target audiences of the project: Lithuanian SME’s, especially in health care and media industries, members of vulnerable groups such as young and older people.

Type and number of deliverables to be produced

  • 1 training session for national specialist;
  • 1 analysis report regarding the needs of the target groups;
  • 2 sets of teaching tools and guides/tailored leaflets for target groups;
  • 33 awareness raising seminars for different target groups;
  • 1 youth contest on short animation related to data protection;
  • 1 mobile application;
  • 1 international conference;
  • 1 conference proceeding published.

Expected results

  • Partner organizations’ institutional and organisational capacities in informal education of wide range of members of the public improved;
  • Increased understanding among Lithuanian small and medium-sized businesses enterprises, especially in health care and media industries, about data protection regulation;
  • Increased awareness among members of vulnerable groups of general public about their rights in data protection field.

Contact person Raminta Sinkevičiūtė-Šečkuvienė, [email protected]

Last updated: 11-09-2023