SolPriPa project successfully implemented


2020 09 11

SolPriPa en.png

The SolPriPa project Final Event took place on the same day as the conference “High standards of personal data protection: reality and aspirations” on the 10th of September 2020 .

The Representatives of the Partners and the main stakeholders of the project were present during the final event. The director of the State data protection inspectorate presented the overall relevance of the project and the State data protection inspectorate role in the project. MRU vice-rector Regina Valutytė stated the successful implementation of the idea of partnership between the academia and practitioners during this project.

As the main part of the final event was the presentation of the vice-director of the State data protection inspectorate  Danguole Morkuniene scheduled after the first part of the conference on the main results and achievements of the SolPriPa project. She also presented to the audience one of the projects deliverables: the mobile app “ADA gidas” (engl. “ADA guide”) and how to use it.

Mobile app “ADA gidas” can be downloaded free of charge from online stores "Google Play Store" and "App Store". It is intended for smartphones and tablet computers supporting Android and iOS operating systems. It is important to mention that the app "ADA gidas" contains a special part in English. For example, leaflets:

  • Personal Data Protection in Lithuania. What Institutions Can Help?
  • Personal Data Protection Rights
  • Security of Personal Data on the Internet
  • Duties in Processing of Personal Data
  • Video Surveillance
  • Direct Marketing and Protection of Personal Data
  • Protection of Personal Data in the Media

Also during the conference and during the final event presentations the organizers asked the audience to answer 6 questions via online platform SLIDO related to the project in order to understand the level of the awareness about the project between the wider public (those who have not participated at the trainings foreseen for specific target groups) and put the attention to the EU sponsored project. The questions asked:
1)    How do you rate your knowledge on the GDPR?
2)    The personal data protection level in Lithuania, according to your opinion, is
3)    Is the current legal framework of personal data protection clear enough for you?
4)    In what areas, according to your opinion, we encounter problems regarding the personal data processing?
5)    Have you heard about SOLPRIPA project, aimed at raising awareness on the personal data protection until today?
6)    Would it be useful to you to use the mobile app “ADA gidas”?

The results showed that the majority of respondents (36% ) have only basic knowledge on general GDPR rules and have the need for the more in-depth knowledge, 29 % of respondents evaluated their knowledge as good or very good, 20% - as average and 14% as poor. The personal data protection level in Lithuania was evaluated by the majority as adequate (51%), but when asked if for them personally the legal regulation framework of the data protection is clear and understandable the absolute majority of respondents answered that “NOT” (74%). The answers in which areas according to their opinion we encounter more problems related to the data protection, the majority of respondents chose health sector 43%,  e-commerce – 36%, media sector – 33% (worth to mention that a lot of media sector representatives have been participating at the event); financial sector -31 %, employment sector  - 28% The 71% of respondents stated that they have not heard about the Solpripa project until this public event (meaning with this event we reached audience wide beyond the seminar target groups) and 62% stated that mobile App ADA gidas will be useful for them (see First annex: “SOLPRIPA poll results”).